Washing Germs Down the Drain

A simple, 20-second ritual can help prevent sickness when repeated.


Hana Holtz

Junior Molly McFadden and sophomore Lexie Trotter scrub their hands at the sink. Twenty seconds is all that is required to get rid of germs.

Troy Roach, Staff Writer

When it comes to the war on germs, it is hand-to-hand combat. Often people can forget the importance of being aware, and washing with care. However, the impacts are major. Kelli Evans, the school nurse at AHS, said hand washing can prevent infection, illnesses, and the spread of germs. Evans said, “It’s huge, and research shows hand washing is the number one prevention to infection.” 

Evans said warm water is the best temperature to get rid of germs. She gives some of her best tips: “Get your hands wet with warm water and rub your hands with soap for about 20 seconds, or sing “Happy Birthday.” Use paper towels to turn off the faucet.” She adds hands should be washed anytime they are visibly dirty, or have come in contact with an area that could potentially contain a large amount of germs. 

Evans also recommends the use of hand sanitizer. Even if the skin appears to be dirt-free, it could still be unclean under a microscope. Hand sanitizer helps solve this problem. 

When it comes to being a bum and not washing away the scum, don’t wait for commands and wash your hands.