MCRIB: My Chemical Romance is Back

The most iconic emo band most of us listened to in middle school has returned.


Mark Sullivan/Wireimage

This is the first group photo My Chemical Romance took after they announced their reunion.

Grace Clay, Editor

Like Halloween itself, My Chemical Romance (also known as MCR) spookily announced they will be doing a reunion tour in 2020 on All Hallow’s Eve. The band had originally broken up in 2013, with their last post to their website as a band thanking their fans for always being there, and making it possible for them to visit places they never would have been able to had they not been a part of MCR. 

The 2020 reunion tour is going to be called “RETURN” with their first show on Dec. 20 at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, Calif. The first leg of their tour will occur at the Download Festival in Australia. The tickets are on sale now. The next leg of the tour has yet to be announced. 

My Chemical Romance consisted of members Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, and Ray Toro in 2013. 

Personally, I’m really excited for their upcoming tour. Senior Kyra Namanny said, “It feels pretty awesome.” It’s also “a bit nostalgic” for the senior. In middle school, Namanny would listen to the band and genuinely enjoyed their music. Senior Evalyn Perez said she also feels nostalgic. Perez also thinks it’s “pretty neat” some of their fan conspiracy theories have come true. 

One fan theory is about how they are copying another band, the Smashing Pumpkins. They have been following a similar timeline; both bands had lost their original drummer around the same timeframe, both bands were together for 12 years before they broke up, and both bands have gotten back together after a six-year hiatus. The last song My Chemical Romance released was “Fake Your Death,” and another fan theory is they have always been planning this reunion in 2019, which is six years after their break up in 2013. I’m still stuck on the Smashing Pumpkins theory. But there’s another fan theory that I believe is just a funny coincidence and it says that “Shrek” predicted the MCR timeline. A Reddit user posted this timeline under the username shadow_dwagon_rawr: 

2001 — My Chemical Romance begins, “Shrek 1″ released

2004 — My Chemical Romance releases album “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” and “Shrek 2” was released

2007 — MCR go on “Black Parade” tour and “Shrek 3″ was released

2010 — “Danger Days” was released and “Shrek 4″ was released

2019 — MCR announces 2020 tour and “Shrek 5″ was supposed to be released, however the project was cancelled

You can go to their website to purchase tickets.