Atlantic Theatre Under New Ownership

The theatre in downtown Atlantic is undergoing some changes.


Grace Clay

NEW BEGINNINGS -- The Atlas Atlantic Cinema opened on Friday, Nov. 1. There will be many changes under the new owners.

Grace Clay, Editor

With a new month comes new possibilities for the Atlantic Theatre. As of November 1, the Atlantic Fridley Theatre will no longer be owned by Fridley Theatres. It will be its own entity called the Atlas Atlantic Cinema. 

There will also be many other changes coming with the new name, including new seats, new items in concessions, and updates to the building. Even though most of these changes will not happen until late next year, the new owners are looking to the future with their plans. 

Something the theatre will be adding in their concessions is nachos. They have offered nachos before, but this was many years ago. In addition to nachos, they also have a new website. On the site, under the “Now Showing” tab, they display what is currently in the theatre and how long the movie is going to be playing. There’s also a “Coming Soon” tab that shows which movies the theatre will be receiving in the near future. 

The new owners are Ethan, Jacob, and Rylea Anderson. Ethan was the manager at the theatre before he bought it.

Currently playing in the Atlantic Theatre are “Terminator: Dark Fate” and “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.” On Nov. 8, “Playing with Fire” comes to town.