Girls’ Soccer Plays Lewis Central and Missouri Valley

After three losses and improving their gameplay, the Trojan girls’ soccer team bounces back with a win against Missouri Valley.


Dani Mathisen

WIN THE BALL – Junior McKenzie Waters rushes after the ball to get it up the field. Waters has been involved in soccer all three years of high school.

Grace Clay, Editor

The girls’ soccer team played against Lewis Central at home on Monday, April 8. They played hard the entire game and lost 5-0 to the number two team in the state. Lewis Central has won the state championship three years in a row and has beat the girls’ soccer team 10-0 for the past three years but that streak has been broken.

The girls have been improving, and you can tell by their previous records. For example, last year the girls lost 10-0 to Lewis Central but only lost 5-0 this year. Another example is they lost 6-0 to Tri-Center last year but only lost 4-2 this year.

The girls also played Missouri Valley at Missouri Valley on Tuesday, April 9. There, the girls earned their first win of the season. At halftime, the score was 2-0, with the Trojans in the lead. The final score was 5-2 in Atlantic’s favor. This was their first win of the season.

Their next game will be Monday, April 15 at home against Treynor.