Behind the Scenes of Trojan Diner


Grace Clay

SALT BAE – Senior Brandon Woodard recreates a viral internet meme as he cooks for the Trojan Diner. Woodard has been involved with foods classes since his freshman year.

Aliyah Jordan

Here at AHS, Foods 2 is a course offered to students who have passed Intro to Foods and are ready to move to the next level. One aspect of this class is the chance to participate in Trojan Diner, which is a restaurant the students put together to get a real life experience for what it would be like to work inside a diner.

FCS teacher Meryl Hopper-Henningson is in charge of assigning roles; some students act as waiters and some are in the kitchen prepping the meals. Throughout the year, students take turns being “head chefs” and design a meal for the school staff and/or families of the students. Hopper said, “It gets stressful, but we always manage to pull it off. The students work hard and get a feel of what a career in the kitchen would be like.”

Sophomore Kylar Bomer said that Trojan Diners are “fun and allow us to explore careers.” Bomer also said that she enjoys being in charge of creating something fun on the menu. Foods 2 students may advance to International Cuisine the following semester and continue to participate in Trojan Diners if they choose to do so.

The next Trojan Diner will be on Friday, Dec. 7.