Curtains Close for “Almost, Maine”

The fall play was seen by almost 300 patrons.


Ashley Wendt

Nat Perez and Genevieve Martinez play the roles of Jimmy and Sandrine.

Shayla Luke

The performance has wrapped, the cast has taken their final bows and a collective sigh of relief can be heard through the auditorium. As a tale from the perspective of the various characters, the play’s particularly interesting vinette-style provided a refreshing experience for its young actors and audience.

OUCH – Junior Bradley Dennis is hit with an ironing board by Kyra Namanny in a humorous scene. Dennis played the character Steve and Kyra was Marvalyn.

Titled “Almost, Maine,” the play featured students who committed themselves to the performance, showing a tremendous amount of dedication. Putting in the necessary work to succeed, the members invested hours of practice and preparation to make certain all aspects of the play were refined for its showing.

Senior actress Abi Evans joined the cast after learning about the play in speech class and studying the plotline of the story as well as the relationships among the characters. Brought in by the “engaging atmosphere” it entailed, Evans was “excited to learn that it was this year’s selection” and held high hopes towards the production. “This was definitely a group effort and the hard work was mutual, with all that you are praying for a good turnout.” Her expectations were met when the auditorium seats were filled with students, parents and theater aficionados all three nights. With all the energy and perseverance put into “Almost, Maine,” the production made a name for itself as unique and worthwhile, put on by a diverse community striving to reach its best.