NEWS BRIEF — Mr. Weber Travels to Hungary to Watch Friend Wrestle

Connor Church

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P.E./Weights teacher Tucker Weber traveled to the country of Hungary to watch his high school friend, Joe Colon wrestle in a wrestling tournament.”Joe and I went to high school together. We wrestled each other, and we became best friends,” Weber said. Colon and Weber went to Clear Lake High School together. Their coach was Mr. Weber’s dad, Gary. Colon won two state wrestling titles in high school. After high school, Colon went to the University of Northern Iowa. He wrestled, and got third place at the National Qualifier.

Weber talked about his experience in Hungary. “It was a great experience. I had never been to Europe before. I wish that I could’ve had a few more days to see more sites around the country, but it is what it is,” Weber said. The plane flight was 12 hours long, and for a plane ticket and three nights in a hotel with food, it added up to be an 800 dollar cost.

Colon competed at the 2018 men’s freestyle wrestling championships. The men’s freestyle wrestling championships have some of the best wrestlers in the entire world. “Seeing him wrestle internationally was eye opening, because it is one of, if not the best wrestling tournaments in the world. It shows that Joe is one of the best wrestlers in the entire world. It was awesome to see,” Weber said.


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