The Nun — Review

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The Nun — Review

Hana Holtz, Editor

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Warning: May contain spoilers

Some people enjoy horror movies, others do not. I am in the group with the latter.

Still, I offered to go with a group of friends.

“The Nun” is the fifth installment in the Conjuring series. The opening scene of “The Nun” is a backstory of the formation of a demonic spirit that haunts a covenant in rural Romania. This scene is the scariest of all as everything moves so quickly. It shows one nun entering a room where the Nun’s spirit supposedly resides, while the other anxiously waits outside. In this scene, there is lots of anticipation, as the music soundtrack helps get the viewer’s adrenaline pumping. After one of the nuns dies in the sacred room, the other runs for her life, fearful that the dark energy is following her. She goes to her bedroom, where she eventually winds up committing suicide. So much happens in such little time, and the viewer is kept on the edge of their seat.

After the title sequence, things return to a calm state as the plot unfolds with Father Burke and Sister Irene–the two main protagonists in the film–traveling to the covenant in which the supernatural activity is occuring.

Though the rest of the movie has spooky moments, they all are jump scares and it is easy to use your adrenaline to tell when they are coming up. I became an expert at this as it helped me close my eyes before the majority of the jump scares.

Junior Joel Behrens said he “jumped like three times” from the jump scares, while classmate Ally Abdallah said he didn’t jump at all. Behrens also claimed that the movie wasn’t too scary besides the jump scares because “a lot of it felt repetitive.”

I would agree with this statement as certain gags–like Daniel, a boy that Father Burke had to exorcise–are brought up throughout the film. Also, all three main characters–Sister Irene, Father Burke, and their helpful guide Frenchie–all wind up in the cemetery at different parts of the flick but still have the same type of actions happen to them.

The movie is not very gory, there is some blood, but nothing unmanageable.

I would recommend watching this film, especially if horror movies aren’t your thing. Though “The Nun” is rated R, there are other horror movies that are gorier and scarier than this film. If you’re a seasoned expert on horror movies, this flick may seem a bit underwhelming to you.

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