Atlantic Hosts Tennis Tournament


Ashley Wendt and Erin Wendt

The Trojan Boys took second in a field of seven teams on Saturday, April 28 in a tournament held at home. Kuemper came out on top with 30 points, Atlantic second with 25, Shenandoah third with 23, CB Abraham Lincoln fourth with 18, Knoxville fifth with 17, Creston sixth with 17 and Red Oak rounded out the placings in seventh with 8 points.

In the #1 Singles Division, senior Cooper McDermott finished third and sophomore Max Bateman came in seventh. The duo of senior Grant Podhajsky and sophomore Nile Petersen finished second in the #1 Doubles Division, while senior Aaron Rothfusz and junior Avery Anderson placed eighth.

Senior Josh McLean and sophomore Brody O’Brien finished fifth and sixth respectively in the #2 Singles Division. Senior duo Kalob Flory and Jake Redler came out on top in the #2 Doubles Division and freshman Ethan Williams and sophomore Zach Mathisen finished seventh.