Getting to Know the Class of 2017: Taylor Kirchner

Senior spotlight featuring Taylor Kirchner.


Ben Renaud and Chloe Newbury

Taylor Kirchner has been a part of archery, FFA, and soccer in high school. His favorite memory in school took place at his favorite activity: archery. He enjoyed going to the national tournaments. Soccer and archery coach, Justin Williams, has been the most influential person in Kirchner’s high school career.

After graduating, Kirchner plans to attend South Dakota State University for natural resources and law enforcement. He decided his future profession when he realized he wanted to be a police officer, and “I just really like hunting and fishing.” When he was younger, he dreamed of being a pro bass fisherman. In ten years, he hopes to be a part of DNR. If he were to win a million dollars, he would “buy a lot of hunting land.”