First of Three Superintendent Interviews Held Monday

Steve Barber, current superintendent of George-Little Rock, first to interview for ACSD top position.

Steve Barber, pictured above when serving as principal of Spencer Middle School in 2011. Photo courtesy of the Spencer Reporter

Zeke Whetstone and Sarah Schorle

 On Monday, Feb. 27, the Atlantic school board held their first of three interviews for the district’s new superintendent.

Monday’s candidate was George-Little Rock’s current superintendent, Steven Barber. Barber is from the Iowa area and has been the superintendent at George-Little Rock since 2013. Before that he was principal at Spencer Middle School in Spencer, Iowa.

Atlantic School Board President Ally Bruckner said in an article posted on KSOM, “I feel we have three very bright candidates and all with experience”

In between interviews with the board, teachers, administrators and students, Barber told AHSneedle reporter Sarah Schorle he had liked what he’d seen and enjoyed the tour and the time he’d been in Atlantic. His motto, he said, is “Education is the equalizer.” He said public education promotes opportunity for all.

Barber wants students to know he is passionate about education. The three words he would use to describe himself are analytical, patient, and learner.


Bruckner said the school board will decide on a superintendent by Wednesday, after the final interview.