FFA Carves Pumpkins with Second-grade Students

Second-graders from Washington Elementary carved pumpkins with high-schoolers.

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Every year, students in agriculture classes help kids carve pumpkins. The students get their pumpkins from McCurdy Pumpkin Patch, and the classes use money from fundraisers to pay for the pumpkins.

Second graders started to come up to the high school at 8:30 A.M. to Mr. Miller’s room on Wednesday, Oct. 25. The second grade classes that came up to the high school are Mrs. Daugherty’s, Mrs Johnson’s, Mrs. Dryer, Mr. Newberg and Mrs. Silliman’s classes.

Each elementary student was allowed to choose a pumpkin and a high school partner to help them carve their pumpkin. The high-schoolers were in charge of doing all the cutting, but the second-graders drew a face or other design on beforehand.


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FFA Carves Pumpkins with Second-grade Students