Family Consumer Science Offers a Buffet of Courses

A new FCS class offers students an overview of cls

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Family Consumer Science Offers a Buffet of Courses

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Not sure what electives to take? FCS teacher Meryl Hopper offers many classes. Hopper teaches Intro to Foods, Pro Start 1 and 2, Child Development, Early Childhood, Life and Relationships, and will be offering a new class this coming school year called FCS. The new class will combine Childcare, Culinary, Interior Design, and Sewing. Hopper has taught FCS before, and is now teaching it again.

Hopper’s classes are challenging and require a lot of effort. You should expect homework and tests if you take any of these classes. Hopper said,” I would say Pro start 2 is my hardest class.”

Pro Start 2 has an event called the Trojan Diner. It is April 15 at the high school. They will be having a pasta bar. Right now they do not have a Pro Start 2 class, so the Pro Start 1 advanced class will be running it. The kids say it is a very fun event to work in and you learn good team working skills.

Senior Darien Mills said going to the Ann Wickman Center twice a week for Child Development is the highlight of her week. She gets to work with little kids there and it’s  fun being able to interact with them. Mills’ favorites are the babies. She loves to hold and entertain them.

Senior Erin Olsen said,” My favorite part about Child Development is going to the Ann Wickman Center and play with the little kids.” Her hardest part of the class is making up stuff for the kids to do. Olsen said,”I do not get a lot of homework or tests in the class.”

Sidney Svoboda is in Child Development and she says,” the hardest part is the tests and you do take a lot of notes in class. You do not have a lot of homework, but we do a lot of projects.”

Hannah Alff said,” Child Development is challenging but it is fun at the same time. You have a lot of projects in the class.”

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