Blake is Back at AHS

Blake is Back at AHS

Ben Renaud

Blake is back. After six weeks at Schuler Elementary with Melia Clark student teaching, Jeremy Blake is back at the high school once again. He will be student teaching for six more weeks with Mandi Brauer.

Blake said working with the kids at Schuler is different because he does more teaching, and at the high school he does more assisting the students. Blake has been working on becoming a teacher for just about two and a half years now. The first two years were classes that are required to take, and the half of it was his student teaching. Blake knew it was time to get certified so he went back to school and got his masters degree in education. “I like working with kids,” said Blake, “and giving kids an opportunity.”

He currently is working with Brauer in the special education room. It’s a good fit for Blake because he wants to be in that field when he completes his student teaching. A huge influence and inspiration Blake had was his younger brother. His brother was in special ed growing up so Blake understands what it’s like to work with special needs kids. Blake always looked after and stood up for his brother anytime he needed it. His younger brother wasn’t only inspiration though. Being a coach was a big factor for Blake, when he switched from business, which he went to college for out of high school, to becoming a teacher.

When Blake got out of high school becoming a teacher wasn’t in the question at first. He initially went to college and got his undergraduate in Global Business. In high school he said he was very good at business so he thought it would be a good fit. Coach Blake has not yet completed his student teaching. He still has five more weeks of the classes he has to take, and three more weeks of his student teaching. After he has completed his classes and student teaching he still has to apply for graduation which Blake said could take anywhere from four to six weeks. Blake said after his student teaching is done he will return to his job that he had prior to his student teaching, and finish the school year.