Juniors and Seniors Vote for Class Officers Sept. 11

Juniors and seniors to vote for four offices

Ashley Freund

The year has begun and the race is on!    The classes of 2016 and 2017 have the opportunity to vote for their own class President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The following students are running for the Class of 2016:

President:  Laeni Pelzer, Dustin Rudolph, Clayton West

Vice President:  Tanner Mauk, Sarah McCance

Secretary:  Kennedy Lauridsen, David Thomsen, Jackson Wickman

Treasurer:  Ryan Hawkins, Clayton Saeugling


Class of 2017 candidates are as follows:

President:  Megan Behrends, Lexi Freund, Bailey Schildberg

Vice President:  Sam Coder, Emily Hohenberger, Brooke Newell

Secretary:  Jena Brosam, Tori Krogh

Treasurer:  Ashley Freund

Voting will be done electronically. Juniors will be allowed to vote for Junior Officers and Seniors vote for Senior Officers. An e-mail has been sent out to all eligible voters. Voting will end at 3:30.


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The voting will happen throughout the school day today.