Board to Cut $35k From Activities

Number Two in a Series about ACSD Cuts to the Budget


The board meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. tonight.

Tanner Mauk

by Tanner Mauk

Activities Director Matt Alexander confirmed some information about how tonight’s expected budget cuts may impact Atlantic activities.

“Right now, with what the board has been given, approximately $35,000 will come from activities,” said Alexander. “Part of the reductions are probably going to come from within the coaching staff because that’s the only thing in the activities department that affects the general funds. Everything else comes from the activities fund, which is a separate pool of money.”

When asked what he could tell the AHS students about how the cuts are going to impact their activities next year, Alexander said, “I don’t think for the most part there will be a major change. There will be a few distinct changes. It will go on as usual, but maybe without a coach or two.”

Alexander said his “task was to determine where and which activities could we reduce the number of paid coaches and still function effectively.”

When asked specifically to verify any rumors going around, Alexander said,  “I think we’ve tried to notify people that the cuts may affect, so they know. We were given a target of a certain dollar amount from all areas.”

With only $35,000 coming out the activities budget, that leaves $615,000 for other things to be cut.