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Iowa Youth Straw Poll

Zac Stork

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Last week, AHS was involved in a statewide Straw Poll. The Straw Poll is a program put on by the state of Iowa and the Secretary of State, Paul Pate, to see what the high schoolers of today think about the elections this year.

Students were presented a poll to vote for who they think should be President and US Senate. Any school in the state was able to involve themselves in the poll and more than 57,000 students from 250 different schools participated.

AHS government and psychology teacher Tony Wiley helped set up the poll in AHS. Wiley said the goal of the poll was to have today’s kids be “a little more aware” of voting procedure.

Most of the students were geared more towards the presidential race than the other races. Wiley says kids that are less educated on the elections will tend to vote for who their friends vote for, or who they are influenced to vote for by social media.

“If I do it again, I want to involve my classes more,” Wiley said. Wiley also said that he would advertise the poll more before it happens so that students have time to do research and educate themselves on the vote.

This was Wiley’s first time being involved in a straw poll and he said he would probably help again down the road. Here are the results:



Donald Trump-46%

Hillary Clinton-36%

Jill Stein-below 5%

Gary Johnson-7%

Dan Vacek-below 5%


Charles Grassley-62%

Patty Judge-25%

Charles Aldrich-5%

Jim Hennager-5%



Donald Trump-66.2%

Hillary Clinton-21.3%

Jill Stein-5.3%

Gary Johnson-5%

Dan Vacek-5%


Charles Grassley- 68.6%

Patty Judge-15.8%

Charles Aldrich-6.8%

Jim Hennager-less than 5%

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Iowa Youth Straw Poll