AHS introduces the possibility of bowling and swimming

By: Hope Artillia Bowker

On Monday, March 12, athletic director Josh Rasmussen presented a survey to the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to seek interest in possibly starting a bowling and swimming team at AHS.


Rasmussen said the idea for a swimming team was brought to his attention by the fact that there have been students in the past traveling to Lewis Central to practice swimming every day during the winter after school.


According to Rasmussen, seven of the ten schools in the Hawkeye X conference currently have bowling teams. If our district decides to start a team, it could happen as early as next year, said Rasmussen.


Currently there are no coaches in mind for either of the sports. These sports being added to the school could lower the numbers in other sports; however, there will be no dropped teams.


According to sophomore Jordie Johnson, “Bowling would be awesome!” Sophomore Sam Renaud said, “I probably wouldn’t do either [bowling or swimming].”


Rasmussen hasn’t looked into the cost, but that will be a major factor in whether we have additional sports or not.