From the shadows to the spotlight: JV football

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Coach Coenen shares a laugh during halftime of AHS JV's win over Carroll.

by Paul Honke

Living in the shadows of the varsity teams in Atlantic High School are the junior varsity players. This is the case for the JV Football team who has, for the longest time, had a worse record than the varsity–until Oct. 18, earning their first win on their last game, against Carroll. Since the JV football team season has ended, the JV coach expresses his thoughts on the JV football year.

JV coach Ryan Coenen has been coaching JV since the start of the year. He said what made the JV stand out to him was that they had great leadership, especially since there were no varsity players out with them for half of the games.

“There have been lots of improvements on the JV team, mainly individual improvement though. It was tough playing with all sophomores, but they all stood out. We should have developed another quarterback and switched to 4-4 defense earlier in the year. “

In regards to their win against Carroll, Coenen said that it was a lot of fun and it was nice to see kids work hard all year to get a win. They finished the season 1-6.

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