ITEDs: Are they important?

Junior Tate Park takes the science portion of the ITED.

by Malachi Wickman

Students in Atlantic High School are taking the Iowa Test of Education Department (ITEDs) this week, Oct. 25-29.

The ITEDs determine many things for the school district.  They affect how much money the school receives, determine students’ annual progress, and help revise the school curriculum.  Junior Chris Putnam said, “We’re not graded on it, so it’s not really worth [the effort].  There is nothing you get back from it.”  However, the ITED test can be helpful to the student.  The test gives an indicator as to how well a student may do the ACT.  The ITED test scores also go on college transcripts, and can determine a person’s acceptance into a particular college.

This year students who do not meet the minimum requirement for their reading tests may be placed into a basic reading program.  This may mean students would be unable to take electives they would have rather taken.  On this subject principal Heather McKay stated, “We don’t want to, but we need to do what’s best for the students.”

Many high school students have noticed the signs around the school announcing the upcoming tests.  McKay created the signs to encourage students to do well on these tests.  As sophomore Tom Stinn said, “Even though many students don’t take them very seriously, they affect students in the entire district.  It’s everyone’s responsibility to do their best on the tests, for the good of everyone.”

To prepare for the ITEDs, students are encouraged to get a good night’s sleep, eat fruit, drink water, and avoid stressful situations before taking the tests.  McKay underscores the importance of the tests for our school district, and all students are asked to do their best.