Painting a Change


StuCo Members

Atlantic Student Council helped out with Special Olympics.

Jeremy Waldmann, Staff Writer

The Student Council is planning on making a mural on a wall at AHS. Sarah Rose, the Student Council advisor, said that “It was kind of an off-and-on idea collective conversation.” In January, this idea was approved to happen. “We truly want to see the difference that this mural can give to organizations, but also the student body,” says Edria Brummer, Student Council President. 

According to Rose, the council plans to have a group of art kids involved with painting the mural, to provide study involvement. Art teacher, Elizabeth Herrick, will be the in charge of getting this group of art kids together. The Student Council is wanting to incorporate symbols of clubs in the art work, so it can accurately represent all students and clubs here at the Atlantic High School. The painting of the mural is supposed to take place over the summer of 2023, and it will be on the north side of the commons, near the auditorium. 

The Student Council members are hopeful that the mural will bring the students some pride and school spirit. The activities and clubs to be represented will be IJag, GSA, Game Club, AHS Fuel, Speech and Debate, Drama, Music Department, Student Council, Archery, Cheerleading, Dance Team, Journalism, Art, FCS, Aviation, ELL, FFA, Mentoring and many other classroom subjects.

“We wanted to bring light to our school’s many groups and organizations,” Brummer said, “we notice that there is a lot of empty wall space at the high school and thought it would be a great idea to have our art teacher [Ms. Herrick] help us with this project.” The Student Council’s focus has always been the student body and what they can do to improve the Atlantic High School as a student run organization. “Being so heavily involved in the school and the community is the best thing I did in High School,” Brummer said, “as I look back at my high school experience, I am beyond thankful for all the opportunities that Atlantic High School has to offer, and wish more people would take advantage of all the clubs and organizations within our school.”