Comparing the Cheifs and the Eagles

Take a look at the differences between the top two teams of 2023.

Conner Silence, Staff Writer

The biggest event on T.V. a few Sundays ago: The Super Bowl. The two best teams in the NFL went head-to-head. Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? The Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes finishes first in almost every major quarterback stat. Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and Mahomes have so many differences that they don’t really compare. I would take Mahomes 10 times out of 10. According to ESPN, Patrick Mahomes finished the regular season first in passing yards with 5,250 and Jalen Hurts in tenth with 3,701. Mahomes also has a 67.1 percent passing completion while Hurts has a 66.5 percent passing completion. Mahomes is first in quarterback rating and touchdowns with 41 compared to Hurts with 22 touchdowns. Hurts is a young QB that will have to prove he belongs against the one-time champion Patrick Mahomes and handle the pressure in his first Super Bowl. 

Every good team needs a good offensive line to protect their QB. The Chiefs have the second-best offensive line in the NFL while the Eagles rank fourth. Jason Kelce, the center for Eagles, is the brother of Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Chiefs, which will make this Super Bowl the first in history that two brothers play in. Tight ends contribute to the o line but aren’t considered linemen. Tight ends do a lot of blocking but also do a lot of receiving and contribution to the receiving part of the offense. T. Kelce has been on fire the past few seasons, breaking multiple tight end records and even competing with wide receivers, which isn’t common at all. The tight end for the Eagles, Dallas Goedert, has had a decent season, but nothing compares to Kelce. When you look at the stat sheet Kelce is significantly better. Goedert didn’t contribute anything like Kelce did with only 69 targets the whole season. 

When comparing wide receivers both these teams have absolute weapons. The Chief’s notable receivers are JuJu Smith-Schuster, T. Kelce, Kadarius Toney, Isaiah Pocheco, and Markez Valdez. These guys have been major contributors to the Chief’s offense, but the Eagle’s receiving core is also lethal. The Eagle’s receiving core notable players are A.J. Brown, Devonta Smith, Quez Watkins, and Zach Pascal. It’s so hard to say which receiving core is better. Personally, I think these two teams are equal on the receiving side. When comparing the leading receiver for the Chiefs and Eagles, it’s very close.

When comparing these two defenses, the Eagles are definitely ahead of the Chiefs. The Eagles are ranked second in yards allowed while the Chiefs are ranked eleventh. The number one ranked defense is the San Fransisco 49ers, which the Chiefs put up 44 points against. The Eagles have a very good secondary to back them up if their offense cannot perform. The Chiefs definitely don’t have that same luxury. They depend highly on their offense to win their games although we’ve recently seen the Chief’s defense come up big in the playoffs. This defense matchup will definitely be interesting to see how the Chief’s high-powered offense will match up against the second-best defense in the league and how the Chief’s defense will hold up against Phili’s high-powered offense.

Both these teams have their strengths and weaknesses. The Chiefs have the best offense in the league while the Eagles have the second-best defense. Although the Chief’s defense might not be as good as Phili’s, the Eagles don’t have the same offense as the Chiefs. Plus, the Chief’s defense has stepped up lately and won them their past two games coming in big with a stop and the offense scoring on the game-winning drive. This could very well be a back-and-forth game. If this is an offensive game then I think the Chiefs will win, but if this is a defensive game then Philadelphia is winning.