The Impact of Art

How students at AHS are affected by art.


Gabbie Porter

Art is often referred to as the ultimate form of expression and allows creativity in all aspects.

Gabbie Porter, Staff Writer

Art is everywhere. Many shirts people wear are designed by someone and are art. Many buildings are designed by someone, and it is art. Some book’s covers are designed to interest people, and it is art. Art is all around you. But how do art classes impact students? Walking through the halls of Atlantic High School, one will notice art in every place they look. There’s art on the walls, above lockers,  and in the classrooms. Whether you believe it or not, art is all around you, and you can’t escape it. Even if you don’t think art is important, many people do.

Art teacher, Elizabeth Herrick. Believes that art is important. “It helps us to express feelings,” Herrick. “Art provides a voice for kids that don’t know how to say what they are thinking,” said Herrick.  She also used art to express herself as a teen and it helped her with her mental health. “It helps me say things I can’t express with words,” she said.

Senior Domanic Mullins is in Herrick’s graphic design class, her studio art class, and is also a Teacher’s Aide for one of Herrick’s other art classes. He chose these classes because of the wide variety of things these classes offer. Graphic design teaches students about commercial arts and design elements, which can later turn into a career if they pursue it. Mullins also uses art to better understand his own emotions. “It lets kids express themselves without saying any words,” said Mullins. 

Sophomore Evelyn Eastman has been interested in art since she was 11 years old. She said art is soothing. “Being able to zone out while painting or drawing helps me not focus on other things,” said Eastman. Art also helps her self-confidence by being able to look back at pieces that she has completed. She also believes that art classes are important to give kids a break from having to sit down and focus. During art classes, she can sit down and put her feelings on paper. 

Art helps with growth mindsets by showing them that if they aren’t good at it yet enough practice will help them reach their goals. Another benefit of having art classes is it improves self-confidence. Having art classes offered in school helps many students learn things that just can’t be taught anywhere else.