Atlantic Archers Bring Home Two Trophies

The team earned 2nd place in both Bullseye and 3-D National competitions.



Pictured above is the equipment used for archery.


The Atlantic High School Archery Team brought home two second-place trophies from the National Archery in the Schools (NASP) Western National level competition in Sandy, Utah, April 29 and 30. 

Atlantic placed second in both bullseye and 3-D events. The high finish qualifies the team to compete at the Worlds event in Kentucky at the end of June. 

According to top archer Hallee Copeland, the decision to attend Worlds as a team is yet to be determined, based on interest and availability of archers at that time.

Copeland said this is the first time AHS has placed at Nationals. She said they had hoped to perform well but were “surprised” to place so high. 

Copeland’s score of 289 is from a round of 30 arrows. The top score for each shot is worth 10 points. Her 289 sore was her personal best of the season and only 11 points off a perfect 300-point round. 

AHS Archers’ scores and placement in their divisions are as follows:

3D Scores – Girls:

Halle Copeland (2nd, 289)

Marirah Hadley (18th, 277)

Dayna Dreger (41st, 269)

Quincy Sorenson (58th, 264)

Isabella Berg (102nd, 253)

Josie Colton (128th, 245)


3D Scores – Boys:

Cooper Jipsen (8th, 286)

Carter Smith (23rd, 279)

Lee Houser (39th, 274)

Zane Berg (42nd, 273)

Conner Johnson (53rd, 272)

Koby Namanny (75th, 266)


Bullseye Scores – Girls:

Marirah Hadley (10th, 287)

Halle Copeland (36th, 279)

Jeanna Krammer (48th, 277)

Josie Colton (51st, 277)

Isabella Berg (54th, 276)

Francesca Gonzalez (78th, 272)

Dayna Dreger (85th, 270)

Quincy Sorenson (87th, 270)

Kaylee Stetzel (116th, 264)

Kaydee Pedersen (167th, 255)

Mary McCurdy (239th, 181)


Bullseyes Scores – Boys:

Cooper Jipsen (6th, 290)

Zane Berg (28th, 282)

Lee Houser (44th, 279)

Alex Mata (68th, 276)

Carter Smith (90th, 273)

Conner Johnson (125th, 268)

Brayden Spurr (146th, 265)

Keegan Kemp (182nd, 260)

Jaylen McDaniel (200th, 255)

Koby Namanny (205th, 254)

Wyatt Simons (216th, 249)

Zander Pieken (234th, 243)

Kipp Namanny (266th, 225)