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Gen Z vocabulary update.


Gen Z vocabulary update.

Katreen Buliche, Staff Writer

Cap, Bet, Pick Me, Drip, Skrrt, and more are different words that Generation Z uses as slang, making it harder to keep track of the new frequent and trendy words. Popular social media apps, Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram, and others make slang easier for Generation Z to produce more slang. Millennials may have to use an urban dictionary in order to communicate with their child.

There’s even a word popularized by Gen Z that is used for attacking millennials that do too much to fit in or “act hard.” Cheugy This term originated from a group of high school students back in 2013 and it spread quickly. The term was carried on until college and it still managed to stay alive across the whole campus. It wasn’t mainstream until it surfaced onto Tiktok, where it reached over 10 million views. To prevent it from falling into the cheugy category, here’s the dictionary to inform you of some of the latest Gen Z slang. 

  1. Cap/No Cap

At Atlantic High School, you’ve probably heard this term being said multiple times throughout the day in the classrooms or around the halls. This term means no lie.
Example: “I’m about to go to Hawaii tomorrow no cap.”

If you’re using the term in the sense of lying, then you could use it like this.

Example: “I’m going to Hawaii tomorrow! I’m just kidding around, I was only capping.”

The term “No Cap” actually originated from a hip-hop track by Young Thug and Future created in 2017.

  1. Bet

Another popular slang word used in today’s generation is Bet. This term is used as “Ok,” or “I’m down.” This term was used way before today’s time, and it was popularized in Atlanta, Georgia.

As stated by Bet is a shortened version of the common phrase, “You can bet on that!” which can be a way of saying that something is certain and determined.

Example: “I’m going to the party tomorrow, you should go!” You could most definitely reply with “Bet.” 

  1. Pick Me

Someone that is considered a “Pick me” is someone who purposely exhibits behavior mainly toward the opposite sex in order to gain attention.

This slang word gained its popularity in the year 2016 when #TweetLikeAPickMe was published. In 2021, “pick me” skyrocketed on TikTok, with multiple memes and skits gaining millions of views.

Example: “That girl over there is literally a pick me; look how she’s acting with him.”

  1. Simp

The last slang word that you can now use against all of Gen Z, is simp. Rapper Too Short coined the word simp in 1985 after he used it in his hit single “Pimpology.”

According to Family Education, This word was used to describe someone who is being “stupid or dumb.” Later, the slang word simp blew up on TikTok to describe a person who does way too much for the person that they love or have feelings for.

Example: “Look at this guy, he’s being such a simp towards her.”