Boys Track Season Preview

Three coaches look to the new season.

Alex Sonntag, Staff Writer

As winter finally comes to an end, spring has begun and so have spring sports. Track and field, along with multiple other spring sports, had officially started. The boys had an opportunity to come in on Tuesday and Thursday before the season began to get a head start on training. Practice officially started on Feb. 21, and 43 boys would be participating. The weather is always off and on in Iowa, so an outdoor practice has not been a guarantee every day.

Coming into this season, Coach Abby Becker explained to her team that “flexibility” will be the word for the season. With the weather, other sports, school, and new coaches, the team needs to be flexible. Coach Becker and Coach Rasmussen are returning to coach the team this year, while Coach Smith and Coach Best have joined the staff. “It’ll be the second season that I’ve been at a different school. I’m excited to see different competition,” said Smith. Best said he has “been coaching the throws for the past seven years.” The team seems to have great potential coming into this season. The boys have completed the indoor portion of the season. Iowa State University and Northwest Missouri State University were both three-hundred meter tracks so the team had to learn how to run on that type of track. 

From the coaches’ point of view, the team is looking great this season. “We got guys who are willing to challenge each other on a daily basis,” said Smith while talking about his sprinters. Becker said, “Distance looks really good this season. We have a few new guys who are working very hard and are learning a lot from upperclassmen.”

Distance looks really good this season.

— Coach Becker

“The returning six [distance runners]are off to a great start and have put a lot of work in off season. They have really matured mentally and physically over the last year and are having fun,” Becker said. 

The “field” side of the sport has been looking just as good as the “track” side. The throwers have shown me they are dedicated to improving and show potential for huge improvements. They are putting in time to practice the proper technique needed to be successful,” said Best. All of the coaches have been working hard with their athletes, and “a balance of speed and endurance” (Becker) as well as “the little things” (Best) have been the main focus points this season.

Run fast, turn left, jump high, throw far.

— Coach Smith, on how to reach the State level of competition

While the indoor portion of the season comes to an end, training is ramping up and the team is starting to be challenged. The outdoor season begins Thursday, March 31, at the Monarch Relays in Denison, Iowa. “The boys learned a lot last year and it’s already showing.  I know several have put in a lot of work in the off season and I’m excited to see their hard work pay off,” said Becker.

Every practice and meet lead up to the end of May at the State meet on the Blue Oval at Drake University. Some kids may ask how they can get there, and if you ask Coach Smith, he’ll say: “Run fast, turn left, jump high, throw far. That’s the basis of it, man.”