All Strings and Voices


Elizabeth Anderson

Band and choirs are directed by Jarrod O’Donnell and Evan Adamon.

Elizabeth Anderson

The choir department has taken a break from show choir and they have been focusing on concert choir for three weeks. Also, the band department has been working on four songs for the winter concert. Band, concert choir, and chamber choral performed on February 22, at 7:30. 

Brook Vandevanter has played the flute since 6th grade in middle school along with her classmate Keira Olsen.

The band performed, playing songs and marches, “The Foot Lifter, Shenandoah, an Overture for the band, and a dramatic piece called Northwoods of Might and Metal,” said director Jarod O’Donnell. “Overall, I think it was really good. They played really well.” He said that there’s always a “hiccup or two, but they responded to those hiccups really well and recovered.” Freshman Josie Molina said, “There was a part in Northwoods where I was anxious because we were off time but we recovered well.” 

Finding creative ways to keep the audience engaged, the band in the past has turned off the lights, used glowsticks, and made choreographed noises throughout the crowd. This year, they used a plastic bag to use for ice crackling. 

Junior Aiden Sanny also said that the concert went well. “I felt like it could’ve gone a little bit better due to messing up, but if you aren’t listening to it during practices, you wouldn’t have even known.”

Next, the concert choir performed songs, “Alleluiah by Bach, 900 Miles, and Come In by a fellow composer on Facebook.” Chamber Choir sang “Bridge over Troubled Water, Requiem, and Ad Astra.” Director Evan Adamon thought both choirs did well. “I was really happy with the way it went. It never fails that they come in the day of the concert prepared and sound like a different choir than we have in the last few weeks.” He thinks the progress that the choirs have made from the begging of the year to now is pretty remarkable.

Lola Comes sings in the concert choir. All freshmen start out in the concert choir and can audition for Chamber choir Sophomore year.

Junior Edria Brummer was very proud of the choir as well. “I think we learned the music really fast and performed really well.”

Principal Heather McKay observed the choir when they were first sight-reading the music and then saw how both the choirs performed. “I think it’s amazing to see how you guys were learning it to how you all performed.”

Next for both choirs and band, they are getting ready for the solo ensemble contest, on March 26 starting at 7 am.