High School Hunters

Some believe that hunting is a dangerous game, while others believe it is a skillful sport.


Korbin Johnson

Hunters often display their “trophies” in their homes.

Korbin Johnson

An activity humans have done since the beginning of time. The first sport known to mankind. The earliest pastime. Hunting. Many see hunting as a hobby or a fun way to spend time with family and friends outdoors, but hunting is also an important part of taking care of the ecosystem.

Though some see hunting as a bad thing, the Department of Natural Resources and hunters across the world say it’s positive. If done the right way, hunting is beneficial because it helps with population control. Some may confuse hunting with poaching, which is hunting or catching (game or fish) on land that is not one’s own or in contravention of official protection. Hunting is the activity of trapping/pursuing wild animals or games, especially for food or sport. The two activities are not the same, and most people don’t hunt illegally. Some say hunting is a “shoot to kill not shoot to harm,” “a skillful game,” or “the circle of life.” 

Atlantic High School’s own students are hunters. It can be a family activity, hobby, or sport, and for these AHS hunters, it’s all these things. 

Hunting is basically a right but it can be taken away. Anyone can go out and get a tag for hunting, it’s the experience that betters the hunt.”

— Colton Rudy

Cohen Bruce, sophomore, hunts deer, turkey, pheasant, raccoon, and coyote. He uses a muzzleloader, bow, or a 12-gauge shotgun, and often hunts with his dad. Sophomore Colton Rudy said hunting helps with animal population control. “[It] brings a lot of people together,” said Rudy. “It’s also a great conversation piece and a great story,” he said. “Hunting is basically a right but it can be taken away. Anyone can go out and get a tag for hunting, it’s the experience that betters the hunt.”

 “Hunting is a good thing,” said Rudy. “It’s basically a form of population control, DNR gives deer tags. Until they get to their certain quota, it also saves the drivers around so they won’t get into car wrecks.” Last year, student Korbin Johnson hit five deer with his white Chevrolet Impala. “He could have been saved and the deer could have been in someone’s freezer,” Rudy said. 

Rudy hunts deer, rabbits, and pheasants. Rudy hunts with a bow, shotgun, rifle, and muzzleloader. “The difference between a rifle and a muzzleloader is a rifle has a tube.” The ‘tube’ is where the bullets are put in. “With a muzzleloader, you have to drop in pellets of compressed powder,” use a ramrod to push the bullet down “and then you just pull the trigger and fire,” Rudy explained. 

What comes to mind when you hear ‘hunting’?  AHS students answered with killing, tree stands, camo, patience, friends, silence, natural smells, guns, and an activity.