Making Music with Mickey: The Band and Choir Trip to Florida

From rollercoasters to back and gold uniforms, the fine arts students of AHS stayed busy over spring break.


Heather McKay

Band and choir students pose before leaving Universal Studios. Many on the trip thought that this was the superior park due to its thrill rides.

Molly McFadden, Editor

The early morning travel days and endless walking made life-long memories for the 85 students who took their music skills to Florida. The trip looked like this: 3 days at Disney, 2 days at Universal Studios, two flights, and hours spent with best friends.

The students performed the morning of their second day at Universal Orlando. With the band playing “Handclap” and “Feel It Still” and the choir performing “Baba Yetu” and “Prayer of the Children.” The band marched in the main gate of the park to perform, while the choir took to the stage located in front of the lagoon. The choir, participating in the STARS Performance Program, received a trophy. Both performances went off without a hitch and the students got back to their day at the park.

Molly McFadden and Camryn Church

Although senior Anna Wieser enjoyed performing with both the band and choir, she said that one of her favorite moments from the trip was the many security checks. During these checks classmate Lia Lillard had to get her hair bun patted down, which called for many laughs. As well as choir director Ethan Pruisman getting one leg patted down by TSA. “And then we get to Universal and he has to get patted down again,” Olivia Engler said. For junior Brayden Atkinson, his favorite memory involves sneaking empty pizza boxes into his friends’ hotel rooms and Camryn Church laughs while looking back on playing chicken in the hotel pool. “I think somebody got like a stack of five people,” she said. “I don’t know how that happened.”

Chaylei Carey

Senior choir students Molly McFadden and Church vlogged their trip to capture the many memories and laughs made on the trip. After the students got back, Chaylie Carey interviewed a couple groups of students to find out all the best parts about the days in Orlando. Both of these videos capture the upbeat energy of the fine arts students at AHS.