Prom Set To Be A “MASK-erade”

The 2021 Prom has been announced and planning is underway.


Melissa Auten

Drey Newell and Sydney Sanny arrive in style at the 2020 Prom. The theme for the event was The Roaring ’20s.

Da'Jai Wesson, Editor

If you were thinking about attending prom this year, now’s the time to get your arrangements together. On Wednesday, Jan. 7, during the morning announcements by Principal Heather McKay, “Masquerade” was officially declared as the 2021 prom theme. Since then, the ball has been rolling for organization of the event. 

 The expected date for prom is April 10. In the meantime, the junior class will be having weekly meetings supervised by prom advisor Mallory Kirchoff regarding decision making for prom. After kicking off planning with choosing the “Masquerade” theme, the class has also started fundraising. Like past years, they plan to sell Frozen Zipp’s Pizzas. 

This year, there’s more of a strain on the process in order to plan accordingly with public safety precautions. Junior class president Andrew Engler said, “It’s taken a toll on a lot of our decisions,” impacting what they can do and how much they can “really plan.” 

Kirchoff said the committee has reached out to Beth Olsen with public health for information about mitigation strategies for the event. “They are the ones that will determine what is or isn’t safe for us to do,” she said. 

I figured if they were able to find a way to make it work last year, they’d be able to make it work this year.”

— Caroline Pellett

Still, the excitement towards prom is still alive and well this year. Students are locking in prom dates, booking appointments, and buying dresses. Despite some aspects still undecided, senior Caroline Pellett purchased her dress for this year’s prom. Pellett said, “I figured if they were able to find a way to make it work last year, they’d be able to make it work this year.”

While junior Taliya James already attended prom her freshman year at a different school, she opted for a “completely different,” dress for her first prom in Atlantic. Switching up from a “dark navy blue,” to a “bright baby pink.”