Scooter’s vs. Starbucks Coffee — OPINION

Both coffee chains sell a variety of beverages and bakery items.



Scooter’s and Starbucks are both chain coffee shops. When looked at side by side, Starbucks is just better.

Chloe Mullenix, Staff Writer

Scooter’s and Starbucks are two large companies in the coffee industry. They both have a variety of refreshers, coffees, and smoothies. They also both sell food items, like breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, cake pops, and much more in the breakfast and bakery category. 

In my opinion, Starbucks has a much bigger variety of drinks. Just because the drink isn’t on their menu doesn’t mean you can’t order it. You can easily make up your own drink and they will make it for you. You can add cream, cold foam, different flavors, and different syrups. I feel like Starbucks has more options for food as well. They have some lunch sandwiches and a wider variety of breakfast sandwiches, cake pops, and bakery foods. 

Starbucks is a bit more expensive than Scooters though because it is a more popular chain worldwide. I don’t consider it a huge deal or con against Starbucks though because it’s only about an $0.80 difference. 

At Scooter’s you have to order something off the menu. You can’t make up your own drink and at times they will have a limited drink, but then take it off. For example last year they came out with refreshers. Shortly after though they took them off of the menu and you can no longer order them. 

One thing I like about Scooter’s is they sell cinnamon rolls. Starbucks doesn’t sell cinnamon rolls, focusing more on danishes. I love both cinnamon rolls and danishes, but if I was going for breakfast a cinnamon roll would be more filling to me. 

 I feel like the flavor between both companies is fairly the same. Scooter’s and Starbucks both have a little bit of a coffee taste in the sweeter items. For example, at McDonald’s the coffee items are very sweet and you can not taste as much coffee. Both businesses offer some healthier options too, including your choice of milk. They are both clean and friendly environments, which is always a good thing for food businesses too. 

There is nothing major against either of them, it’s just what you prefer the most. For me, Starbucks wins because of the wider variety of drinks and foods.