Free Lunches for Students

Students at ACSD will receive free lunch until Dec. 31 or until funds are gone.


Molly McFadden

Signs hang on the door while students stand in line to get lunch. All students will receive free lunch until Dec. 31 or funds run out.

Alexes Reynolds, Staff Writer

On Sept. 21 the Atlantic Community School District started offering free lunches for every student. The school started this because the USDA extended the summer food service program which allows students in the district to have free breakfast and lunch. ACSD filled out a waiver from the state so they could offer this option. Food Service Director Natalie Ritter said, “The decision was mine to fill out the paperwork and get this option.” Ritter said she talked to Superintendent Steven Barber and they both agreed it would be a good decision to fill out the form, not only for the students, but for the parents in the community. 

One of the most asked questions is if a student were to get doubles, is it still free? Ritter said it is the same as any other time and students will have to pay for doubles and ala carte items. Students are enjoying the free lunches. “We keep going up in numbers and I imagine we will continue to do so as the days go on,” said Ritter. 

The lunches will be offered until Dec. 31 or until the funds are all gone. Ritter said that with everything going on right now, she is glad they can offer this to the kids and parents.