Making the Memes

From “Craig Machine” to “Pebbles McLittle Toe,” Dan Vargason’s memes have caught on around AHS.


Molly McFadden

The “Pebbles McLittle Toe” meme of junior Haley Rasmussen is proudly displayed on Spanish teacher Dan Vargason’s whiteboard. Other well-known memes include the Roomba meme of junior Craig Alan Becker and the soccer meme of 2019 grad Alyssa Ginther.

Molly McFadden, Editor

As soon as students enter Spanish teacher Dan Vargason’s classroom, they can see many memes, drawings, and funny notes on the walls. With a closer look, it becomes clear these pictures aren’t all just funny photos taken off of the internet. Most of the memes on Vargason’s walls have students in them. Each one tells a different story or is based around a secret inside joke. “I enjoy memes because everyone enjoys memes and it’s fun to make people laugh,” Vargason said. 

Recently, Vargason has been expanding on his meme creativity. He is learning how to make GIFs. According to Vargason, GIFs are funnier, but memes are easier to make. He learned how to make GIFs because of their humor. “Everyone can relate to Craig as a Roomba,” he said.

Everyone can relate to Craig as a Roomba.”

— Dan Vargason

Students in Vargason’s class began making memes of him and his “shiny head” years ago. When this began happening, Vargason decided that it would be best to retaliate. “The way I deal with my students is a little unique,” he said. “Funny stories and friendly banter” turned into the memes that are found all around his classroom today.

One of Vargason’s more recent memes is of junior Haley Rasmussen. She said she supports his memes because they are funny. Rasmussen said the story behind “Pebbles McLittle Toe” is “very funny, but it can not be shared with the whole school.”

Many students have started sending Vargason pictures of their friends that are meme-worthy. Once Vargason has a story and a photo, he can make the meme. “That picture is awful,” Rasmusssen said. “It’s actually awful.”

While the memes can be slightly embarrassing, all students agree they are made in good fun. For a quick laugh, stop by room 510.