A New Year with New Resolutions

Students at AHS share their take on New Year’s resolutions.


The Fool

With a new year comes a whole set of resolutions. According to Forbes, 29 percent of people have given their resolution up already.

Molly McFadden, Editor

Each year can bring new opportunities and with that new goals. Many people all across the world make New Year’s resolutions each year, including some students at AHS. Freshman Claire Wiederstein said that in 2020 she wants to eat less McDonald’s, while freshman Laney Brosam is hoping to become TikTok famous.

Although some people set goals at the beginning of each year, others decide that there is no need. Freshman Dakota Oswalt said New Year’s resolutions are “pointless because people don’t follow through.” According to an article by Business Insider, “about 80 percent of people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions for longer than six weeks.”

This year is a little different because not only is 2020 a new year, it is a new decade. For many, this new year brings a feeling of nostalgia as high school students begin to experience many lasts as well as many firsts. While some freshmen are experiencing their first track meet or soccer game this spring, seniors will be attending their last. Senior Aybren Moore said he is looking forward to graduating this year and having no homework this semester. Moore’s New Year’s resolution is to be more friendly and talk to more people.

Some students may not have a resolution for the new year, but they have a fresh outlook. Freshman Reese Dearment said, “I feel like 2020 is going to be better.”