“Little Shop of Horrors” Comes to AHS

AHS is holding auditions for this year’s musical.


Hana Holtz

The audition materials sit outside the choir room, waiting for courageous individuals to snatch them. Those auditioning have to sing and act.

Anastasia Muell, Editor

The musical “Little Shop of Horrors” is coming to AHS this winter. The musical, written by Howard Ashman with music written by Alan Menken, takes place in a poor suburb. The story follows the story of a small flower shop that is slowly failing, until one day when one of its workers, Seymore, finds a strange plant. It’s nothing like he’s ever seen before, and he can’t quite figure out how to make it grow. Until one day, when he accidentally feeds it a drop of his own blood.

“It was one that’s been on my list for a while. I knew it’d be a smaller cast, a little easier on the set, it’d be easier to set up, so Mr. Pruisman didn’t feel like he was in over his head. We also have the cast for it,” said Pit Director Jarrod O’Donnell.

Director Ethan Pruisman talked about the main characters of the musical, mentioning there aren’t many, but each is important to the story. “You’ve got Seymore, he’s the main male role. You’ve got Audrey, the main female role. Then you’ve got the plant, which is a plant,” Pruisman said about the leads. “Then you have Mr. Mushnik, the owner of the flower store, so that’s more of a secondary role. There’s the three Greek chorus girls, and the dentist.” Pruisman mentioned the chorus parts are also very important to the story, as well as the people behind the scenes of the show, including the crew and pit.

Pruisman said, “I’m just looking forward to see how invested the students can be. I’m going to push people to be more invested, get off book sooner and become their character, just to be there, now.” 

O’Donnell said he’s excited about this musical. “It’s gonna have really good action, and good comedy. I think some of the characters fit our students really well, especially if they decide to go all out on it,” he said. Many of the songs are fast-paced with guitar and bass in the background, earning it the title of a “rock musical.”

Auditions are on Tuesday, Dec. 17, and Wednesday, Dec. 18. Anyone can audition. Those interested can sign up on the sheet outside the choir room. Audition materials are located in the same area.