Depression and Anxiety in High School

Mental health matters.


Brynna Ray

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health disorders amongst teenagers today.

Brynna Ray, Staff Writer

Depression and anxiety has taken many lives. People have been impacted for years with mental health problems. Depression is a mental health disorder, causing an adjusted mood and a loss of interest in activities. Anxiety is a feeling of worry and unease. Anxiety can be caused by a variety of things, from general unease to social interaction. Typically, those with an anxiety disorder have compulsive behaviors and panic attacks.

These disorders can begin in childhood and early teen years. This isn’t a phase as many parents think. It interferes with daily life. 

Counselor Sarah Elm said she always keeps her eye out for kids. She looks for crying, anger, and if they come into the room with an adult. She explained depression and anxiety has not been discussed like it is now. Elm spoke about how the numbers are raising and how much people don’t know about mental health. When students go in to talk to Ms. Elm, she’s going to do everything she can to help them. Elm believes in ways to cope, saying there is always a positive. “Please let everyone know that they can come to me or Ms. Dovenspike,” she said.

Physical education and health teacher Cole Renken was very open on how he felt about these topics. He stated most people don’t know how to deal with negative things going on, at home or at school. “If needed, there are online support groups and even a phone number you can call if you have thoughts, or are hurting yourself,” Renken said.

In order to treat these illnesses, help may be necessary. It is noted that getting a therapist and medication can help those with depression and anxiety live their life to the fullest. Those who receive medication need to be positive the meds they have prescribed will work best with their schedule and personality. 

Those who don’t know where to start can go to a trusted adult, such as a teacher, parent, or even a grandparent. Holding in feelings and emotions isn’t going to help. Mental health is a serious issue.