Final Plans for New Facilities

Currently, construction is taking place on the baseball and softball fields, as well as at the Trojan Bowl.


Grant Sturm

The Trojan Bowl will undergo many changes, with one being artificial turf in place of grass.

Grant Sturm, Staff Writer

The district has been discussing facility updates in Atlantic since 2016. During the summer of 2019, the final plans were passed through the Atlantic School Board to update some of the sports facilities. “The facilities are in need of drastic improvement, the main drivers being ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility and safety,” project engineer Dave Sturm said. The plans called for updates on the football, baseball, softball, and soccer fields along with four new tennis courts at the high school. There will also be new concession stands at the Trojan Bowl, baseball, softball, and soccer fields. The plans also called for an updated parking lot at Washington Elementary. This was already completed in August, just before the school year began. “I’m excited for the new facilities because I think it’ll be good for the community,” junior Brendan Atkinson said.

At the Trojan Bowl, artificial turf will be added to the field, including a Trojan head logo at midfield and end-zone lettering. Also, the Trojan Bowl will add a four-lane track. The slopes on the sideline will be removed for safety reasons. The stadium will comply with ADA regulations by adding new bleachers and a concrete sidewalk around the entire field. The Trojan Bowl is expected to be completed by August of 2020.

The baseball and softball fields will be completely remodeled. The baseball field will be leveled out because it drops by over 8 feet from home plate to the center field fence. In between the baseball and softball fields, a new press box will be added. There will be hillside-work done, including a retaining wall. The construction company hopes to also solve some drainage issues. Also, ADA Parking will be added near Maple Street. The baseball and softball fields are to be completed by the fall of 2021.

Four tennis courts will be added to the northeast side of the high school. Also at the high school, artificial turf will be added to the soccer field and the track will be resurfaced. The tennis courts, soccer field, and track are to be completed by the fall of 2020.

Work at the Trojan Bowl, baseball, and softball fields is already underway. The high school track, soccer field, and tennis courts are expected to begin construction after the 2020 spring sports season comes to a close.  In total, the cost will be approximately $10 million, with $9.5 million coming from a bond issue.