Overcrowding in the Weight Room

With weights being a popular option in students’ schedules, overcrowding has taken place in the weight room.


Drew Engler

Junior Devin Wood pumps the iron in weights class. Wood is a part of the cross country and soccer teams.

Katy Rothfusz and Chloe Gardner

Connor Larson, a first year teacher at Atlantic High School, has found he does not have enough space or equipment for the students assigned to him. The weight room is designed for 24 students. This mean there are six stations with four students at each. “Most of my classes are in the upper twenties,” he said. The biggest problem for Larson in his new job is having a lack of space.

“There’s just not enough room to get an efficient lift,” physical education teacher Cole Renken said.

Brynna Kern, a sophomore at AHS, has also been affected by this. She and two other students complete their assigned workouts in a conjoining room due to a lack of space and equipment. “If we didn’t go into the other room, our groups would be, like, seven people,” Kern said. 

Larson remains positive despite the lack of equipment and room. Looking on the bright side of things, he said, “It’s good to see so many kids wanting to improve their skills.”