Glenwood Rams Top Atlantic Trojans

Ending with an 8 point-difference, the Trojans began to come back at the end of the game, but failed to overcome the Rams.


SKY HIGH — Junior Tyler Moen reaches for the ball to start the game. Moen was a leading scorer for the Trojans with 24 points.

Madison Botos and Maycie Waters

The Glenwood Rams outscored the Atlantic Trojans in three of the four quarters during the game on Jan. 8 in Glenwood, dropping the Trojans’ record to 4-7. The starters for the Trojans were made up of sophomore Skyler Handlos, junior Tyler Moen, and seniors Nathan Behrends, Chase Mullenix and Logan Reilly. Other players subbing in throughout the game included junior Nile Petersen and seniors Jalen Petersen, Zade Niklasen and Sam Granner.

Leading scorers for the Trojans consisted of Moen with 24 points and N. Petersen with 11 points. Mullenix was also a top scorer with 18 points, racking up all of his points but two in the second half.

Collectively, the Trojans had 21 fouls. Handlos fouled out toward the conclusion of the game, with Reilly and N. Petersen each on the border with four fouls.

At halftime, the score was 36-25. To open the second half, none of the Trojans’ shots were falling. The Rams took advantage of this and increased their lead to a 20-point deficit with a score of 47-27 a few minutes into the half.

Atlantic made four of 22 attempted 3-point shots and 27 of 70 shots. For free throws, they made 7 of 13 with N. Petersen cashing both of his, for the score to become 66-62.

With only 30 seconds left in the game, the scoreboard suddenly went black for the second time with the clock still running. This happened at a very inconvenient time for the Trojans, but Mullenix stole the ball and threw it down the court to Behrends–who was ready to go for an uncontested layup. Behrends caught the ball as the scorekeepers noticed the scoreboard had gone dark, and all play was paused. After a slight discussion and rebooting of the scoreboard, the game was back on and ended with the Rams defeating the Trojans with a score of 73-65.