AHS Choir to Present Madrigal Dinner


Dylan Litty

Last year's seniors stand at the head table during the 2017 Madrigal Dinner.

Gillian Askeland

Mark your calendars, AHS! The Atlantic Choir Department will be presenting a Madrigal Dinner which will feature singing, dancing, and acting. The Madrigal Dinner is a choir tradition, as it has been going for nearly eight years. This event is set in the Renaissance time period, as it features royalty, knights, and beggars. Not only do guests get to chow down on a four-course feast, they are also treated to a skit and plenty of music.

All four grades are involved in putting the dinner on. The Treble Singers–freshman girls’ choir–will be tasked with serving all four courses to the guests. The Concert Choir members will be knights, dancers, or beggars. Those involved in Chamber Choir who are not seniors will act in the play, beg for donations, or perform as knights or hostesses. All seniors involved in choir will sit on the Royal Court, where they will be served the meal and get to chat amongst themselves.

Much work has been put in already, as all three choirs have learned new music. Also, they have relearned the music that was used in the years prior. Finally, those with roles in the play have been perfecting their lines.

The Madrigal Dinner will take place on Dec. 8 at 7 p.m., and Dec. 9 at 5 p.m. in the commons, which will be decorated in a renaissance style. An estimated 80 to 120 people will attend the Madrigal Dinner each night.