Trojans Lose a Tough One to Harlan

Another loss makes the Trojans’ record 2-2 for this season so far.


The Trojans get ready for their game against Harlan.

The Trojans lost a tough game to the Harlan Cyclones last Friday night. The Cyclones were coming off of a 35-6 win against the Carroll Tigers, so the Trojans knew they would have their work cut out for them, having not beaten the Cyclones since the 2002 season.

The Trojans started the game with possession of the ball, looking to get started off on the right foot. They were forced to punt and gave the ball to Harlan. The Cyclones got down to the Atlantic 19-yard line, but Chase Mullenix intercepted the ball, which halted the Cyclone drive. However, the Trojans couldn’t capitalize on the turnover and were forced to punt again.

The Cyclones got the ball back after the Trojans’ punt, and went down the field to score a touchdown. The Trojans then had a seven point deficit, and were forced to punt on their next drive. Their defense got a stop and gave the ball back to the offense but the drive was halted by an interception thrown by quarterback Chase Mullenix.

After the interception the Trojans regained confidence, after Harlan fumbled the ball. The Trojans got the jolt they needed after the fumble, as they drove the ball down the field and scored a touchdown. The game was tied seven to seven.

After that, the Cyclones got the ball back and they were able to complete a pass for 81 yards but fumbled again at the Atlantic 1- yard line, allowing the Trojans to get the ball back. However, the Trojans couldn’t take advantage of the turnover as they were forced to punt again. Harlan took the ball and threw for a 58-yard touchdown on one play.

LETS GO TROJANS – The student section cheers on the team at Harlan. The theme for the game was neon.

But the Trojans didn’t fold. Quarterback Chase Mullenix ran for a 55-yard touchdown and tied the game 14-14. The Cyclones responded and threw for a 54-yard touchdown. Atlantic regained the ball but were forced to punt. Harlan took the ball back and scored another touchdown to make the score 28-14. The Cyclones had momentum.

As the first half was ending, Harlan quarterback Preston Mulligan threw for a 31-yard touchdown to make the score 35-14. The Cyclones received the ball after halftime and scored another touchdown to make the score 42-14.

The Trojans got the ball back but Chase Mullenix threw an interception. On the next play Harlan ran for a touchdown, making the score 49-14. The Trojans got the ball back but were forced to punt again. Then the Cyclones got the ball and rushed for a touchdown, making the score 56-14.

The Cyclones and Trojans traded punts, until senior Cooper Leonard forced a fumble that was recovered by the Trojans. The game ended in a 14-56 loss for the Trojans.

Harlan and Atlantic both finished with 53 offensive plays. The Cyclones finished with 579 yards of total offense, while the Trojans finished with 159. Quarterback Chase Mullenix threw for 45 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions, while leading the team in rushing yards (102). The leading receiver for the team was junior Tyler Moen, with 26 yards and one touchdown.

The Trojans look to rebound after their tough loss as they start 2-A district play on Friday against Kuemper Catholic (1-3) at the Trojan Bowl. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.