Getting to Know the Class of 2018: Luke Hohenberger

Senior Spotlight featuring Luke Hohenberger


Joshua Rossell

For Luke Hohenberger, life at Atlantic High School has been a rush. Between NHS, Student Council, AHS Fuel, Civil Air Patrol, basketball and tennis, he’s rarely had a break. With all the work he’s put into high school, it’s been worth it. “All the nights doing homework and going to different events or whatever has prepared me for college and my life ahead,” Hohenberger said. He plans to attend the aviation program at the University of Nebraska Omaha alongside classmate Braden Bean. After that, he plans on going on to be a commercial pilot.

Flying is a passion of Hohenberger’s because “you just get away from everything.” One of his biggest inspirations to work toward becoming a pilot was the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), a program that he joined in middle school and has been involved with ever since. CAP introduced Hohenberger to the world of aviation and helped mold him into becoming a better student, leader and person overall.

Even though Hohenberger likes to work hard, he also likes to play hard. He enjoys a multitude of activities including hunting and fishing but at the end of the day his favorite thing to do is “spend time with friends and family.”