Getting to Know the Class of 2018: Paige Williams

Senior Spotlight featuring Paige Williams


Chloe Davis

When Paige Williams is not dominating in the art world, she may be found relaxing at home. She describes the area as her favorite place because “it is always cozy and I can do whatever I want,” but Williams is not able to spend as much time here as she’d like because of the many commitments she has made, one of which includes her job at Salute Gymnastics. “I enjoy working with children, and I’ve always been involved in dance, so I understand what needs fixed while critiquing skill work,” Williams said. As a child, she used to tumble with Teresa Middents, owner of Salute, so she has been close to her and her family for “a long time.”

Williams plans to attend Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) in the fall and after two years she intends to transfer to Grand View University to major in business and minor in photography. “I have always had an interest in photography and I have always wanted to have either my own business or be part of a big business,” Williams said. In her younger years, however, Williams had dreams of being a pop star. “I would always try and write songs in my room with my guitar from Walmart,” she said.

Williams does not have any siblings, so she “doesn’t get away with a lot of things,” Her parents Justin and Lindsay have encouraged her throughout high school to reach many successes. “My parents are cool and always supportive about things,” Williams said. One of the achievements she has had was winning a ribbon for her ceramics project at the Iowa Conference Art Show. This showed her that it was worth trying on all of her art projects and also led her to get a spot in advanced placement art class.