Getting to Know the Class of 2018: Cheyenne Elliott

Senior Spotlight featuring Cheyenne Elliott


McKenzie Waters

Cheyenne Elliott is a four-sport athlete, participating in volleyball, basketball, track and softball. During her freshman and sophomore years, she also took part in speech and debate and choir. Her plans after high school are to become an athletic trainer because she has always loved sports. “If I don’t continue sports into college I still want to be involved with them,” Elliott said.

An event she is very proud of is when the softball team made it to State for the first time in history her sophomore year. Elliott said, “Making history by being the first team to ever to make it to State is going to be a great way to leave high school.”

When Elliott was a little girl she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. “My only exception was I would not operate on snakes,” Elliott said. Her favorite school memory was the last day of seventh grade when “we all sang Happy Birthday to one of our classmates at lunch and we all received a detention and had to show up so they could check our names off.”

Elliott lives with her mother Rashelle and her father Kevin and has one brother named Chancey Richards. The biggest moment in her life was her father adopting her when she was younger. “I have unconditional love forever,” Elliott said.

Bruce Henderson has had a huge impact on her life, helping Elliott with discus and shot-put in all years of high school as well as cheering her on in her other sports. Her favorite place to be is the gym, even if she often gets frustrated during her time spent there. “I still want to be there every minute of the day,” Elliott said.