Getting to Know the Class of 2018: Jacey Eyanson

Senior Spotlight featuring Jacey Eyanson


McKenzie Waters

Managing two part-time jobs and a lot of schoolwork, Jacey Eyanson is a busy high school student. Eyanson said she spends all of her time in the gym practicing volleyball or at work. “I have two part-time jobs currently. I work at the Ann Wickman Center in the morning from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. My second job is working at the Heritage House as a dietary aide,” she said. Beating the 2016 record in volleyball was a big moment in her life. “It has made me want to win a conference game,” Eyanson said.

Work hours are limited for Eyanson during volleyball season. “I try to work weekends as much as possible,” she said. One of Eyanson’s favorite successes is managing to earn straight A’s throughout high school. Eyanson said, “If you want me to be totally honest, I rarely study and when I do it’s only for two days or 20-25 minutes over the notes for that class when we have tests.” She always does her homework and turns it in on time because it’s “the normal responsible thing to do.” Eyanson said she prioritizes her most important classes, making sure she gets her homework done and taking notes in the classes.

Eyanson lives with her dog Charles and her mom Stephanie, who has made a big impact on her life because she has raised Eyanson as a single mom, showing her how to be an independent person.

Eyanson plans to attend college to study early childhood education. “I love working with younger children because they are so fun to be around and they instantly brighten up my day.”