Getting to Know the Class of 2017: D-One Yechem

Senior spotlight featuring D-One Yechem.

Kenny Jimerson

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D-one Yechem moved to Atlantic Iowa in August of 2013 from the island Chuuk. Yechem lives with his aunt, uncle, and sister. He has three brothers and three sisters, all of which are younger than him, besides one other sister. His only older sibling his sister is going to college. His other two sisters and three brothers still live in Chuuk with his mom and dad.

His favorite memories from Chuuk was spear fishing, which he did with his dad. He often speared fish that were longer than his arm. If D-one won one million dollars in the lottery said that he would “save for college or use some for college and give some to my parents in Chuuk for taking care of me until now and for loving me.”

He looks up to his dad very much and sees him as a role model. “He loved me and he tought me a lot of stuff that I need to know as a man. He helped me grow up like a man, strong like a man. I want to do the same for my children when I have them in the future.” If he could change one thing in his life he wouldn’t have quit football his sophomore year. We believe this is because he has strong morals taught by his dad.

He said that he was proud of himself for learning English. His favorite memory at AHS was the “first day that I came to Atlantic High School when Maddie Kickland and Erin Olson asked me to be friends with them.” Yechem talked about how he didn’t like reading in his freshman and sophomore years because he didn’t understand the words. Later in his years he began liking reading because he could understand. Yechem talked about how every teacher at AHS are great to look up to even the principal. He also talked about how if he went to a different school he thinks it wouldn’t be the same.

Yechem did choir 9-10th grade, musical 10th grade, track 10th grade, basketball 11th grade and football 12th grade. He is planning on going to college but he “doesn’t know what for.”

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