Atlantic Girls Golf Stay Undefeated with Wins Monday and Tuesday Nights


Jaxson Eden and Ben Renaud

The girls golf team won both meets on Monday and Tuesday night. Monday night was a rough meet weather wise, with howling winds and cold temperatures. Tuesday night was a much welcoming night with weather in the 60’s and little to no wind.

Monday night Brooke Newell came away as the champion. Newell said “I didn’t play too bad, weather was definitely a factor.” Newell said she was good off the tee but needs to work on shot inside 100 yards. Although Newell did not play her best round, she was still happy a win. The team played well considering the conditions, and were able to throw out some nice scores.

Coach Kathy Hobson commended the girls for their round. She stated that the weather was brutal, and was not an easy day to play golf.

On Tuesday night standout Brooke Newell struggled Tuesday night but the team didn’t miss a beat with sophomore Alyssa Ginther taking initiative. She shot a season best, Ginther said “I felt like I played very good my driver was straight and farther than normally.” The weather was much more favorable Tuesday night rather than Monday. Temperature was in the 60’s with little to no wing.

The girls next outing will be in Des Moines as they play at Willow Creek, a tournament they got second in last year.

“It was a record for my years of coaching but for Atlantic. Zac C. was on a team that shot 290 at Denison before I got here.”