Girls’ Club Volleyball is Underway

Atlantics club volleyball team sets up for next season.


Taylor Hansen

Volleyball may be out of season, but Atlantic girls are already back on the court! “Goldwave,” the name of the club, is open to incoming freshmen through seniors. Anna Wernimont, AHS grad from 2010, is head coach of the team of 24 girls, and is helped by Faith McCunn, Emma Walker, and Whitney Hoegh.

Last year, Wernimont ran a club during the off-season. Wernimont said the intention of last year’s club was to “work on the fundamental skills of the game and to get as many touches on the ball as possible.” She was happy with the outcome last year, but she still wanted to take it a step up.

Their first club tournament was on Saturday, Jan. 28. The girls went 3-1 at the tournament and qualified for the State tournament. “This year, we are continuing to focus on skill development, but also narrowing in on competition,” Wernimont said. She emphasized “being excited to play and ready, physically and mentally, to compete on the court.”

We are traveling to a variety of tournaments this season and this is something we weren’t able to put together last year,” Wernimont said.

“We will be thoughtful as to what changes and improvements will need to be made as the program grows and we improve. As a club, we’ll grow and improve with them! As coaches, we’re always looking for ways to maximize our time, energy, and talent,” Wernimont said.

Not only are the coaches excited for the future, but the players are exhilarated for the upcoming season. “Taking part in club volleyball keeps me thinking about the season that is yet to come. I love participating in volleyball as much as I can and I love improving,” junior Cheyenne Elliott said. Junior Sidney Svoboda also expressed that taking part in club makes her “really anxious for season and playing with my team.”

Wernimont said, “Volleyball is such a game of emotion and confidence with the other 5 on the floor. You can practice your skills individually all day, but if you don’t have confidence and the ability to execute with your teammates then there’s only so much overall success that can happen.”

“I am a strong believer in selfless play and being committed to your personal growth for your teammates. Playing together is the most impacting way that happens. I am very happy and very grateful for the presence and commitment the Trojan volleyball program has shown so far this off-season,” Wernimont said.