Guilty as Charged

Students reveal their hidden hobbies.


Iñigo Chaguaceda pulls a fast one on Gratt Reed with a “nutmeg” move.

Logan Templeton

Did you know that you’re guilty? You probably didn’t, and that’s why you’re being informed. You’re guilty…of enjoying something that others may look down upon. This term is known as a guilty pleasure. Maybe it’s binge-watching all ten seasons of “Friends” on Netflix in two days, or even swallowing lake water just for the fun of it. Although there may not be anything to truly be ashamed of in these acts, you just don’t feel like sharing your thirst for chemical-infested water with your friends and family. The students of AHS have many interests and hobbies, but sometimes they like to keep them off the grid. So, why should anyone hide something that makes them happy?

I for one thought that I would never reveal my shameful hobby of stripping the copper wiring from neighbors’ houses and then selling them back to the person for capital gain. That’s my secret ’til death. We surveyed the classrooms of Rachelle Lipp and Alex Bales, and uncovered some of AHS’s best guilty pleasures.

Caine Page enjoys binge watching “Chicago Fire,” while Taylor Hansen watches “Spongebob” 24/7. Mr. Squarepants is actually, believe it or not, scientifically proven to rot your brain, in a study done by the University of Virginia.

Colissa Wheeler wrote that she was a radical head banger of the heavy metal arts, but also dabbles in the wonders of Lady Gaga. Many others wrote of their enjoyment of rhythmic sounds combined with melody and voice, but they elected to maintain their anonymity.

One of the more disgusting pleasures I’ve ever run across, is the nameless pimple-popping-video watcher. That’s all I want to say about this one; otherwise I might lose my marbles. Another anonymous student wrote of an addiction to Youtube music artist, Ice JJ Fish.

A certain student, otherwise known as Your Mom, very much enjoys watching the Green Bay Packers lose, and really, I can’t blame them. Iñigo Chaguaceda said he enjoys “megging other soccer players :)”. “Megging” refers to the term “nutmeg,” a mocking move that leaves opponents bewildered. The goal of the nutmeg is to somehow get the ball between the opposing player’s legs and run around said adversary before he/she has understood what has taken place. Another anonymous writer stated they enjoy taking soccer balls that have been forgotten by others, otherwise known as theft.

Thee is a reason people hide their guilty pleasures. Sometimes NOT sharing is caring.