• Girls and boys basketball play on Saturday at ADM.
  • There's an archery tournament on Saturday.
  • Girls and boys basketball plays in Glenwood on Friday.
  • There's a wrestling meet on Friday in Humboldt.
  • There's a wrestling meet on Thursday in Underwood.
  • Girls basketball plays Creston on Tuesday, Nov. 30.
  • There's varsity wrestle-offs on Monday, Nov. 29.
  • Order your yearbook!

Logan Templeton, EON Anchor

Atlantic senior, Logan Templeton is a journalist for the Atlantic High School. He does all of AHS premium quality videos for EON. Templeton's favorite project is the current one he is working on. His project is to see what he wants to do with journalism “creative freedom”. Templeton is also in football, soccer, and the helo gang.

Something you may not know about Templeton is the he is legally blind, but uses echo detection “Like a bat” to see where he's going. On Templeton's relaxing days he like to go golf with the family. Templeton said, “I wouldn’t change my sense of humor.”

His grandparents wish he would change it sometimes. Templeton looks up to his uncle Tony, “he is basically like a big brother to me”.  If you ever need to find Templeton, you can find him at 1301 locust street “trap” basement.

Templeton said if he could ever have a superpower it would be, “The ability to create real life lightsabers.


Profile written by: Korben Peterson and Trey Cappel

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Logan Templeton